Oplæggets beskrivelse:

MESH/Fullstory: Turning (multimedia) archives into assets
A multimedia content management approach.
Fullstory has been developed based on work done in the EU-funded MESH project, that explored uses of semantics in news filtering and presentation.
The key idea of fullstory to provide both archives and journalists with a better workflow to publish multimedia stories in context, providing the background on important events.

Fullstory is an adaptable multimedia CMS that can be used to produce, present and provide rich multimedia content to large audiences.  
Instead of publishing single articles new as well as archived material is compiled into rich and in-depth dossiers designed to provide users with context about specific events. This model of creating context for content will be presented based on various examples.
The presentation will as well cover the development cycles needed to achieve the current state of fullstory and provide a live demo.

Oplægsholderens CV:

Mirko Lorenz started as a journalist and became an internet researcher/consultant in 1995. His focus is on digital publishing, storytelling and multimedia content management systems.  
Since mid-2007 he works most of his time for Deutsche Welle in Bonn, where he is a member of the innovation projects team. Recent projects where directed towards better solutions for content annotation, semantic web applications and use of grid-computing to gather and deliver journalistic content from the field.  
Mirko has studied History/Economics at University of Cologne.

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