Oplæggets beskrivelse:

The word “crisis” is frequently used in relation to press, radio and television development. Web-media, on the other hand, are habitually hyped as the answer to all the problems of traditional media.

The presentation shall document current trends and potential business models, predicting a promising future for non-journalists, e.g. librarians and information specialist, in the newsrooms of the future.

Oplægsholderens CV:

MA of political science from Aarhus University
Dr.phil. in communications from the University of Roskilde

Research interests and core publications:
Institutions of Current Affairs - Framework for Comparative Research in European Public Spheres.  In: Frank Marcinkowski et al. (eds): Media and Democracy – Experiences from Europe. Wien: Haupt Verlag, 2006:127-144.
Domesticating the Simpsons: Citizenship in Mediated Network Democracy.  Politik  2006;9(2):15-25.
Making Room for Pluralism by Re-Defining Journalism: An Essay on Practical Reasoning. The International Journal of Communication Ethics 2007;3:51-59. (Co-Author: Gitte Meyer).
Diffusion of Innovations in News Organizations - Action Research of Middle Managers in Danish Mass Media. In: H.L. van Kranenburg and Cinzia Dal Zotto: Management and Innovation in the Media Industry. London: Edward Elgar Publishing (2008).

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