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PIX – Media Intelligence services and commercial synergies from New Archives.

Oplæggets beskrivelse:

Large entreprises has proven to be extremely interested in monitoring what has been said in digital medias about them selfes and their competitors. Especially attention has been attached to  news wires in electronic platforms because they usually creates faster and more efficient attention among users of digital mass medias compared with the efficiency of attention to news in media on print.

The company PIX, which is a branch of The Archives of TV 2 Denmark, is basically offering media surveillance. The company is currently supervising digital news casts from television and radio channels and the company provides customers with relevant media files and rights to integrate the files on their intranet and on the web.
The outcomes of PIX have been very successful and they have attracted a broad amount of financial companies and exporting enterprises which generally are concerned about the news spin on analyses and what is said about their products and sales.   
From being concerned about the opportunities of creating awareness in cultural heritage, research and education, the archive has created a new potential according to the business model of PIX. However, due to global markets and trade across borders a stronger network and cooperation with the international community of media archives is strongly needed to create even more synergies and enforce awareness of the new services.

Oplægsholderens CV:

Peter was educated as librarian from The Royal Danish School of Librarianship in 1985.
In 2003 he graduated as a Master of Public Management (MPM) from University of Southern Denmark.
Today Peter acts as Library Manager and Head of Archives in TV 2 Denmark. TV 2 is a national commercial broadcaster and media-house.
During 2007 Peter has been involved in the development of PIX, which is a service especially designed for the need of controlling news-spin around larger enterprises.
Since 1995 Peter has been appointed as an expert in the audiovisual domain for the EU and the European Commission.

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